A Team That Loves To Create Quality Content
A Team That Loves To Create Quality Content Siddhesh Khavnekar
CEO & Founder, Joamos

What We Feel..!!

Welcome to Joamos! My name is Siddhesh Khavnekar and I’m the founder of JOMAOS. We feel everyone has something special; something which they know can do with ease and at the same time with little effort and little assistance one can achieve a lot.

What We Intend To Do..!!

We at JOAMOS believe the same. An individual is a JACK OF ALL BUT MASTER OF SOME. If you are looking for a place to find anything or for that matter anything JOAMOS is the place. Right from Books, travel, reviews, technical blogs, discussion or even food.

Because Sharing Knowledge Is The Best Thing…!!

I personally think, one should share the knowledge/expertise they have with everyone. It only helps him grow more. We are Joamos encourage people to share and let your knowledge reach out to a wider range of audience.

We love what we do.

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