Citizens of Afghanistan were shocked after a suicide bomber walked inside an educational centre in Kabul and detonated his bomb belt. The fatal attack has killed 48 people, while more that sixty have been seriously injured. The attack took place at around 16:00 local time (11:30 GMT).

Many of the victims were teenage students who were attending extra tuition classes to prepare for university entrance exams. So far, no militant organization has claimed any responsibility for the attack in Afghanistan. Taliban militants have denied any involvement in the bombing.

“We can confirm the attack was caused by a suicide bomber on foot,” said police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai. “The bomber detonated himself inside the education centre.”

Relatives of victims of the suicide bombings in Kabul

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Back to back attacks in Afghanistan

The suicide bombing in Kabul happened just hours after Taliban militants blew up a military outpost in the northern province of Baghlan. Nine policemen and 35 soldiers lost their lives in the Taliban attack. Afghan security forces were able to regain control of Ghazni only after five days of fighting, as the Talibans retreated.

Reza Rezasee, a university student, rushed to the site of the Kabul bombing as soon as he came to know he had friends studying there. He described the scene at the tuition centre as “heartbreaking” and “terrible”. “There were many shattered bodies, blood everywhere. Other students were scared and running outside. Some were crying” said Rezasee.

Militant violence has been on the rise in Afghanistan for a while. These attacks come days after a major Taliban assault in the central city of Ghazni. At least 100 security forces members were killed in the five-day fightings of Ghazni. According to the UN, at least 150 civilians may have also died in the attacks.

“The extreme human suffering caused by the fighting in Ghazni highlights the urgent need for the war in Afghanistan to end,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the UN’s Special Representative for Afghanistan in a statement.

ISIS has also been carrying out multiple attacks in Kabul and the eastern city of Jalalabad, targeting various government ministries. Meanwhile, US and Afghan forces have been intensifying ground and air offensives against ISIS and other militant groups.