What is the first thing you do when you set foot in a new country? It is most likely that you will adjust your wristwatch to match the local time of the country you are in. Now, imagine visiting the most remote corner of the Earth and not having to change your time zone. Sounds confusing, right?

If you are aboard a cruise on the Antarctic Ocean, you can choose any of the world’s time zones. The is because the South Pole, where all the longitude lines converge, is situated right in the center of Antarctica. Therefore, technically, the world’s driest, coldest and windiest continent falls under all time zones.

Time in Antarctica: An Abstract Concept

If you are traveling to Antarctica from India, you might be confused about which time zone to select. The truth is it mostly doesn’t even matter. The reason being you are likely to visit the world’s 5th largest continent only during summer i.e. from end-October till March.

Throughout these summer months, Antarctica receives constant daylight. On your trip to Antarctica, you will not be able to witness one single night. Just endless weeks of 24-hour long days. Therefore, the time zone you select will not make any actual difference.

In fact, scientists and explorers working in Antarctica choose to follow the time zone of the region they live in, when not working in Antarctica. Since the Antarctic Peninsula doesn’t have any permanent residents, the need to define a specific time zone has never been felt.

Imagine, sailing amidst sky-high snow-covered mountains and ginormous icebergs with absolutely no concept of time. This just gives you one more reason to start planning your Antarctic adventure right now!