Anybody who has grown up in the capital and who happens to be around/above thirty years of age can boast of going for the best time of his/her life in a place earmarked as weekend heaven. The very magnanimous place used to be called APPU GHAR.

A place to take your children and to get a chance to pamper the inner child in you knew no bounds. From rides that spun and twisted to cars that crashed and sparked to trains that chug and went through tunnels of unknown, APPU GHAR was literally a dreamland for many a people. Not only the one who resided in Delhi but also those who visited the city once in a while.

The charm of Appu Ghar lay in having a place in a time span where there were few shopping arcades. The malls seem to have taken that place now. Nowhere do we find that clown laughing and making kids shudder, laugh or cry anymore. It has all changed.

People often used to eat, drink and make merry knowing there’s nothing to buy but a joyride as opposed to what we have today. The clubbed choices of having so many things under one roof seems less scintillating to the lovers of the older days.

Golden was that big giant wheel. So was the My Fair Lady that spun and took life to a different re-course. Shutting down of that place found recluse in many a people who used to believe that it is the one place where everyone…. everyone enjoyed.

Be it your grandfather or your visiting aunt, your father or your little kid, everyone looked forward to live life to fullest when they visited APPU GHAR.

Appu Ghar took away with it an era of our childhood

The closure of APPU GHAR happened due to space constriction and pushing city transport alive to the next level. As modernization made its way forward, little left was the charm of the wonderland that was brought down. Some people have claimed to even have cried and mourned for their childhood dreamland which was brought down.

There are children (now adults) who claim to have started walking, jumping, crying, even enjoying when inside their mother’s womb in this place. Sadly the gates have been closed and we have moved on to our nearest mall. But the dancing APPU elephant has never left our minds. Here’s one for all those memories that made us what we are today.