Moving to a new city makes you crave for a lot of things associated with home. Back home, you wouldn’t particularly relish these things so much. But, the mere absence of these minute materialistic comforts in the new city makes you want to go back. When I moved to Delhi from Kolkata, I missed spotting a yellow taxi on the road. I missed the sound of a bus horn blaring at a bus stop. I longed to stare at soft, cottony clouds floating in a clear blue sky. More than anything, I missed street shopping at Gariahat, munching on kathi rolls at Park Street and gobbling the melt-in-your-mouth aloo (potato) in a plate of biryani at New Market.

I should mention here that back in Kolkata, I wasn’t even that fond of biryani. And I, almost always, detested the presence of aloo in my food. But, I guess that’s what staying away from home does to you.