In what appears to be the second attack over the last three days, Iraq’s capital city witnessed two back-to-back explosions earlier this Monday. The attack has killed at least 35 people, and injured more than hundred. The death toll is expected to rise in the coming hours. This incident of Baghdad suicide bombing took place in Tayaran Square, the city centre.

This particular location has been a target for militant activities over the past years as many construction workers and labourers gather here every morning to find work. The attack was carried out by two mean wearing suicide vests with explosive. One bombing was swiftly followed by the next, thereby killing many during the rush hour.

Although no militant group has claimed responsibility for the Baghdad suicide bombing yet, it is being suspected that the Islamic State group could be the driving force behind this. The IS group had claimed responsibility for many such attacks in the past. This attack has shocked the residents of Iraq as militant activities had decreased ever since the security forces retook all the territories once held by IS.

A Second Explosion

Map showing the two locations of bombing in Iraq

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These explosions were followed by another in the north eastern district of Jamila. According to reports, two civilians were killed and six others were injured in the attack.

Despite the efforts of Iraqi security forces, terrorist attacks are continuing in and around Baghdad. There are feras that the militants might revert to their guerilla tactics, which can cause further damage.