Blade Runner 2049 Review :In this ever running hoard of moving ahead and making amends with the changing course of future, we humans do have an affinity to hold onto our past nevertheless.

Richard Deckard, a former LAPD agent goes into hiding following an aftermath that takes place while he pursues his duties to execute older models of machines that pose a threat to advancement. An officer in LAPD denoted as K is introduced onto Richards case and the movie begins on the note of finding the aftermath that will lead to the revelation of what/why Richard had done so in the past.

The film opens on the revelation of the protagonist’s following the aftermath of the dystopian nightmare that the city of Los Angeles holds onto. We see K, the coded LAPD officer in contention who’s got the right to execute as and when authorised by findings that lead to affirm his actions.

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We find the film construed amidst the set course of modernity, how human life has jumped into another sphere of existence that we haplessly seem to find futuristic. Conforming to the same standards and instincts that humans held onto, even 100 years before().

The first half of the film builds around to establish how memories can be harnessed, tapped and kept into order to rake any sort of information that one can hold onto. Reflects the fragility of modern life, its construct and how it sets to de-mean our very own fundamentals in lieu. The office/protagonist in contention gets the task to cover an assignment that involves Richard Deckard, A former LAPD officer who’s no more into records or whereabouts of where he is. The case is struck upon as we find officer K looking into the case and discovering elements that have a much deeper implication than he or his fragile mind trapped amidst digital ensuing of a crime can deal with. He does keep digging deeper into the case and thus rolls the dynamics of a cat chase.

The mastermind in play runs the empire of making the best prototypes that the human race has been depending upon. He is somewhat correlated to god himself. The imagery suggests that man is the sole decider of his destiny and it is upon him to perfect the art of evolution, let even ensure that all anomalies are taken into account of perfection to the level of making it grim and inhuman.

Bladerunner 2049 keeps up with every psychosomatics that the world of advancement has to be offer. Flying cars, human robots, uddates and patches that can corner you away with human holograms designed to avoid loneliness, lies and deceits of human minds to hold onto things that they hold dear only to themselves. Nothingness for/towards the perfection of human desire.

The second half of the film leads officer K to find out the fallacies his existing system withering in between, to embellish fact findings with dangers and threats that do not want him to find out what had happened to officer Deckard in the past. It also reflects upon K’s own life and how he strands every emotion to extract what he really is upto (rather meant to do). Find the truth and help it find a better end that is.

Will officer K be able to find Deckard well ahead of the danger that enthrals us audiences or will it be too late is something that will make you hold onto the edge of your seat. 180 mins of pure visual delight woven with thrill and imagination will make you believe there’s a deeper world to connect within & beyond. Something you know but are yet to find out! Well, someone already has and we all are running away from it. Aren’t we?

Blade Runner
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“Two possibilities exist,” Arthur C. Clarke once wrote: “either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” In the cold urban wilderness of future Los Angeles, the former feels like the only conceivable answer – but that raises another, even eerier dilemma, which looms like storm clouds knotting in the sky overhead.

Positives :

– Persuasive Soundtrack
– Action Packed Chases
– Powerful Performances

Negatives :

-Bad 3D glasses

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