Do you often wonder why some customers leave you after making just one purchase? I’d say it is because of a poor customer service experience. In today’s fiercely competitive and consumer-driven market, it is mandatory to provide customers with a positive buying experience. One of the most crucial factors is to improve the quality of your customer service.

You might already be using a customer support system to address complaints and grievances from customers. However, I recommend that you utilize it as a weapon to boost customer retention and loyalty. Are you wondering how to achieve that? Here are some tips to improve customer service experience:

Offer Customer Support across Multiple Channels

Are you still using a traditional call center to provide customer support? It is time for you to explore other options such as live chat, knowledge base articles, discussion forums, and emails. According to a study by Microsoft, more than half of consumers prefer an online mode of customer support interaction.

You’ll be more astonished to know that this number includes people above 55 years of age, in addition to millennials. It is imperative that you give them the option to communicate via the channel that suits them most. I also recommend that you use social media to engage with unsatisfied customers by responding to their comments and reviews. It makes them feel valued and helps build trust.

Be Proactive

Nothing makes your customers feel more valued than a swift reply to their queries and complaints. Longer response times disengage them and tempt them to switch to your competitors. Thus, you should always strive to reduce customer response time across all communication channels.

Get Personal

Automated email responses and recorded voice messages reduce the cost of hiring skilled customer support reps. You should, however, know that the best way to satisfy your customers is through personal communication.  Use social media and other channels to offer personalized responses to customers’ queries. It is a great way to position your brand as one that truly cares for its customers.

Proper Feedback System

Imagine the chaos that can be created by one unfavorable review on your Facebook or Twitter page. It is crucial to create a systematic way to gather feedback. This could be in the form of an email survey or a “Contact Us” page on your website. You should also act on this feedback to further improve your customer service experience.