Brand trust and customer loyalty go hand in hand. In case you’re wondering why you should aim for customer loyalty, let me share some eye-opening statistics. According to a report by Temkin Group, happy customers are more than five times as likely to repurchase. In addition, they are seven times as likely to forgive you in case of a negative experience.

The report also points out loyal customers are nine times more likely to try products or services from your brand. It is evident that customer loyalty is crucial to the survival of your business. Moreover, an army of happy customers will advocate in favor of your brand and recommend it to others.

If you’d like to build customer loyalty, you must look beyond your core product or service. It is important to create the perception of a brand that truly cares for customers. Let me show you how to achieve this.  

Loyalty Programs and Offers

Lure your customers repeatedly by rewarding them with loyalty points every time they make a purchase. You could also give them bonus points on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries etc.) and for referrals. Entice them with bigger prizes they can win on accumulating enough points. Send special discount codes and vouchers regularly to stay fresh in their memory.

Offer Invaluable Content

Do you use your social media pages to bombard your audience with promotional posts? It would be a nice idea to give them a break and publish something meaningful and helpful to your customers. From intriguing blog posts to attractive infographics, you can explore a plethora of options to engage your audience. High-quality content helps you stay alive in the memory of your customers till the time they are ready for their next purchase.

Personalized Communication

Be it your newsletters or your follow-up emails, a hint of personal touch helps win your customer’s trust. Send a handwritten note wishing them on their birthday. Or do a ‘live’ Q & A session on Instagram to answer their queries. The key is to showcase the humane side of your brand.

Great Customer Service

How you handle negative feedback from customers goes a long way in deciding if they will remain loyal to your brand. Be proactive in addressing grievances and resolving them. In case of a mistake, apologize and send them an incentive to show you truly care for your customers.