A train accident on the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark has killed six people and injured more than sixteen. According to rail network officials, debris from a freight train struck a commuter train during a heavy storm, forcing it to brake suddenly. The debris struck the passenger train on the the Denmark bridge at around 7:35 local time (6:35 GMT). The train was running from Odense to the capital Copenhagen.

The trains crossed each other at a point near Nyborg, roughly 75 miles west of Copenhagen. Around 100 people are still trapped on board. Rescue workers are trying their best to free these people. “Ordinary Danes on their way to work or heading home from the Christmas holidays have had their lives smashed,” said Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Loekke Rasmussen in a statement of sympathy as translated by The Associated Press.

What caused the Denmark train accident?

Police say they are still trying to learn more details about what led to the Denmark train accident. Danish media report that an object from the freight train may have forced the passenger train to stop suddenly. The object that fell from the freight train has variously been reported as a piece of cargo or a tarpaulin.