A marriage is a contract. It is somewhat like a clause that runs down the society. What it does not look upon or address is that some people do tend to get emotional over issues that surround this holy union. What is saddening to find in our country is that most of the times in rural or semi-urban set up, gender inequality takes priority. This often gives rise to one of the deep rooted evils in the form of dowry.

There are so many examples of misfortunes in this country. Not only do we live by the pre-conceived notions of caste, creed and inequality. We also face terrible dilemmas regarding the treatment of the weaker sections to absolve and live up to the standards of the rich.

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Dowry: A Brutal Tradition

There are several examples of Dowry cases that flood more than a billion people populating our country. Some of them are outright on the face, while others are indicative of a hush that exists and lulls around the air or the environment of a marriage set-up that is going to happen soon. A well educated groom is the wish and want of every family to settle their daughter. That wish and want sometimes leads to the find of better educated grooms who might be independent in their work perspective but are bound by the laws of settling in front of their parents. These are the ones who are actually looking for settling down in the sense of arriving at an achievement of acquiring a wife, get paid for the education they have suffered.

It’s like they ask for compensation to keep the upcoming daughter to be wedded on-to their family happy. Typical case of desi mama boys who might be winning everything but are suspended in the hands of their greed and want. A life partner is no different than goods exchanged for a ceremony. That is all they hold in their kitty. It is this mentality that leads foreign return graduates come back home and insist they still owe it to the bride’s house.

Bride are often subjected to atrocities by in laws

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Not everyone asks for dowry upfront

Another set of prudes lark our country who never ask for any amount or scores or things that they want to settle. They just hint and play along with the sentimentality of marrying daughter to their family. They also emphasize that whatever comes is their daughter’s property but slowly these vague conversations take a turn and a new side arises.

The wedding happens and the things unsaid turn out to become things asked for in return of the well being of the bride. Provided not, it tends to start leading to agony which surmounts mental and physical pain and brutal beatings, even burning the new bride in many cases. This seems to be the norm of the day that mostly takes place and parents must be wary. However they give in to the thought that they have not asked for dowry upfront only to find that things have suddenly changed after the vows have been exchanged.

Please remember that this is a free country and dowry in any form of ask or hint or summation is a crime. One should immediately get attention and say no. If required, inform police and bestow legal action to curb and end this age old saga of brutal tradition.