A major highlight of every trip to a new place is the gastronomical experiments you can indulge yourself into. Every place, big or small, has its own trademark cuisine, which takes its shape from an amalgamation of tradition, culture and history. Take a peak into the kitchen of a small mountain village, and you will learn all sorts of tales of the hills. Spend a day in a fishing village and you will experience the thrill of a fisherman’s life. The joy of exploring new dishes becomes all the more intense when you are travelling to another country. So when I stepped foot onto the land of mummies, I was super excited to try the Egyptian cuisine.

Now, the Egyptian cuisine may not be much sought after in other parts of the globe. But once you’ve had a taste of it, you will crave for a bite of that delicious food every now and then.

Here are a few dishes from Egyptian cuisine that you must try, if you ever get the chance!