Have you ever wondered what lies inside your fridge minus remembering? Ever thought your turned on gas can be switched off while you are out shopping and you suddenly remember it? Everything and anything that is in your home can be put onto a checklist to ensure you run an errand-free smooth life. Welcome to electronic homes. A one stop solution for every trick in the book to compel nothing goes wrong in your life.

Are we still human enough to be humane?

Well, right from having a remote control door lock to owning an electronic safe, each and every aspect can be connected with the Wi-Fi (in future). Enabling you to monitor through clouds is the idea that electronic and software systems are trying to put in place. Agent being mobile on android,  Integrating technology has a price to pay. You will not hold dear to anything but sheer information that will be passed on and shared amidst all users who will be commonly connected through a portal.

Web, along with other sidelined logistics will ensure your house is cleaned, your kids can be tracked, your washing machine will pull the amount of detergent it needs and so on and so forth. Every little thing that you need will be fed onto the system that will run your integrated home. This mean the humane side of being erroneous as a human will be soon lost forever. It has to or not is something that only your earnings will devise. That too will be devise by your bought.

Man's wrist with smart watch

Image Credits : cnet.com

How is technology devising our electronic homes?

Watches already help us devise how many rounds to walk, show us how many cycles are left per day to cover, reflect calories we burn and even measure your heart and pulse to the essence of maintaining your information. This will further be synced with other systems to make life easier. Much like a doctor who used to check your pulse beat (still does but soon wont may be). Every aspect of time that can be corroborated with space will be linked through routers and servers, delivering an output of having a perfect life. What a genuine concept it is!

Has Plato been proved wrong or is Apple a better challenge than Socrates was?

The idea of nothing is new and everything is a copy of what has been originally thought will be kept aside in few years as our mind will be enabled to start devising how and where you will lead. Your thoughts and actions truly are yours or is it just a pull into the gigantic thread of systematic integration is the deal that we are working towards. What will remain unchanged is those who can afford will enjoy these as lifestyle benefits and the others who cannot will be left behind and will stand the ridicule upon for many reasons.

Imagine what will happen when  you already know it will? Imagine what a brilliant world minus sufferance we would be in. Or may be how pathetic it would be to lose everything at the cost of having an error free life. Imagine the extinction of a technology called brain. Imagine re-collecting your thoughts as if it is really a hard-drive.

The misnomer still and may be will forever remain a mystery. What came first? The egg or the chicken?