Remembering everything is a part and parcel of everyone’s life. It leads to a well defined day helping us gain our ambitions and gain. It also helps us put real objectives is place. As such, forgetting things is not a virtue one would desire in his/her professional or academic life. In fact, being forgetful can cost you in terms of time, effort and moolah.

This, however, is different in case of our personal lives. Thinking about something negative, such as people who have hurt or have exploited us, does take a little out of our own self. This is not a great sign to begin with but it’s soon taking over to be one. As life goes on, we tend to hold on to grudges and that makes us bitter. It takes a toll on our professional and personal life. Further, harbouring such suppressed negative emotions can take a toll on our health as well. This is the reason we should practice the art of forgetting.

A graphical representation of the art of forgetting

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Why forgetting is a necessary evil?

Everything negative thing we remember makes our life boring and mundane. Mostly these things are done by two kinds people. The ones who do not bother or the other ones who do not express. Both tend to put or provoke things remembering which brings out nothing but feelings of pain, sadness or scars. One feels such as things ahead give them less motivation than things that have left a bad mark.

Situations come and go. Dance on chance will arrive when it has to. A bus you missed isn’t the last bus. All these things are ways of assuring that we move ahead lest hold back.

But still one does not let go of evil memories so easily. Every move seems to affect the very mind remembering. We have to decide whether to stay positive and good or remind ourselves of who we were and try to get what’s gone.

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Forget and Forgive

Forgiving someone isn’t that important. Forgiving ourselves is the first cure to make us adept with the idea of staying blissful. We must try to remember things that make us happy and motivate us to do more. Inculcating this skill will only propel us towards making better choices in life; choices that will reflect the ingenuity that our mind feeds for us.

Forgetting what’s not done and why it did not will help put us in better perspective. Here are a few basic tips that can help:

1. Appreciate others’ hard work

2. Do not be a miser and compete

3. Neither splurge as revenge

4. Acknowledge necessity and give rewards to yourself as well as people around you

One can strike anyone out of this and remember. There’s nothing bad that is worth a remember. Only good things last and the way ahead becomes even better when seen through the eyes of others and what makes them better than who we are. Not by remembering but really not worrying them.