Life is not a movie. Neither does it state that hard work wins over creativity. “The things we do to carry on our work must have rewards” says R, a senior copywriter. He has had an experience of 8 years and still sulks about proper compensation. R feels life is too bad to be on the trough of doing something for his own. He feels the monetary reward isn’t deem worthy enough to go that extra mile. He is contemplating on joining the ever-growing bandwagon of freelancers.

“They never pay to boost morale but to make you slag a slack through. Only donkey hours helps young freelancers”, remarks T, a self-employed designer who works from her home. Even working outside the regular slave jacket corporate world, T “feels” that the pay does not provide her enough motivation to give all efforts to her assignments. She feels it is even more dreadful not to change clothes let alone be inspired to go anywhere but slightly at home elsewhere. She thought otherwise when she quit her soul-sucking corporate job to be her own boss. But the reality of being a freelancer seems different.

Graphical representation of how freelancers have to multitask

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The Reality of Freelancers

In modern times, there are several concerns of people who are moonlighting for themselves. They are wary of appreciation which to a large extent is less monetary compensation. They feel less excited and their motivation does seem to expect more but in case of work arena outside office, even appraisals don’t seem to work first way.

Then to turn and find a way ahead becomes tougher. Gruel and grind should be fed with a satisfied mind and sadly but truly, money should be an effective solution to the vision one hires with.

The start up world is new and so is the scheme of loose structure work environment. “May the new maaliks be kinder to the babus they hire”, hopes the one who has imagination is his eyes.

Every end of year beckons an appraisal of sorts. That makes one decide that either one of which hasn’t been met is a sad stark truth that has to be dealt with. One has to make up his/her mind to find what’s expected lest we want productivity to be less and more output to err.

However, for freelancers, there is no appraisal or an assured yearly increment. Nor is there anyone to point out your scope of improvement. Clients either like your work or they don’t. Therefore, it is extremely important to be self-aware. As freelancers, you have to fend for yourselves, while watching out too.