Have you guys ever wondered how easy it has become to know where to reach and how much time you are going to spend reaching there? All thanks to this new invention called Google Maps or G Maps, as it is fondly called. Back in the old days finding your way amidst narrow winding lanes was a discreet affair that was seldom utilized by various ways.

In the absence of any help, you had to resort to other less efficient methods such as:

a) Asking auto wallahs

b) Coaxing nearest landmarks from neighborhood uncles.

c) Always keeping in mind to write down the nearest landmark.

How has G Maps changed our life?

Distraught Man Searching For Directions In The Middle Of Nowhere

Image Credits : linkedin.com

What seems funny is how easy it has become to travel anywhere, anytime. The funny part being no one bothers to respect the person who knows/knew all the directions anymore. Like the neighborhood no good newspaper reader who used to guide. Or the pan-wallah who knew every cinema hall as landmark to places of the city.G Maps, in form of application has ruined, rather killed the charm called finding ways amidst or amongst people and their respective conversations.

Reaching faster is no longer a trick nowadays. Reaching through the right way that your smartphone suggests is the individuality that the city and its teens suffer from. Per say, not asking or coaxing for any information more than required, making themselves look smarter through spending and owning a pricey cell-phone than knowing the knowledge through reading and ingesting.

Such is the advent of roads and time. Such is the plethora of lost conversations. And such is the dealing called a smarter life. Where people do not respect each other but rather re-instate and converse basis what they find through how and where they search things from. Internet certainly has made road and travel a boon that is a little less cluttered than the earlier charm called bane.