The recent advent of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapcat has given a whole new meaning to the idea of having fun. You are not having complete fun until and unless you can announce it to the entire world. Smartphone manufacturers are competing each day to come up with the best mobile camera ever. But you don’t want to stop at that, do you? You want to let your audience share the complete experience with you. If you are someone who travels and loves to share it with world, the GoPro is your best buddy.

The Rise of Action Cameras

This tiny action camera is a novice’s version of the steadycam. Harness it on your forehead while climbing a mountain or strap it on your wrist while riding a bicycle. The main advantage that a GoPro camera offers is that using this, you can shoot terrains and situations, that would otherwise not be possible with bulky DSLRs or other cameras. You can put it through anything, starting from harsh weather condition in the mountains to heavy downpour in rainforests, you will still end up with incredible videos and images. This little gem will allow you to document every part of your journey. Although it is largely used to create video blog (vlog) entries, today GoPro cameras are even used for professional film shoots. The compact dimensions, light weight and 4K footage make it ideal for drones and car rigs.

Know Your GoPro

Stunning footage is not the only USP of these action cameras. Latest models, such as GoPro Hero 5 Black have additional features such as voice control, touch display and waterproof body. Just think about all the amazing underwater shots you will be able to capture when you go scuba diving next time. The audio output of these cameras is also incredibly clear.

In order to capture beautiful shots with a GoPro, you must be well acquainted with its various shooting modes and functionalities. The automatic settings work for a vast range of situations. The new night modes give very good output even in low light conditions. The angle of view offered by these cameras is also interesting. On one hand you have the ultra-wide angle, that gives a characteristic fish-eye look. On the other hand, you can change the settings to obtain a narrower perspective, when shooting wildlife or human subjects. The visible distortion in the ultra-wide angle setting works really well in certain case, such as action shots and gigantic mountains. However, you wouldn’t want a person’s face to appear distorted, when shooting portraits.

Make sure you have the necessary softwares as well to edit the footage. Watch the video below to get some more vlogging tips using the GoPro.

The Downside

The main drawback of a GoPro camera is the limited battery life. At best, you get shooting time of a few hours. In order to keep shooting throughout the day, you will need to store spare batteries or use long-life batteries (available for Black and Silver). The absence of an optical zoom is a huge limitation, especially when you are shooting birds and wildlife. GoPros are also infamous for the camera locking up in the middle of a shoot. Using the various controls for setting the ISO and exposure is also slightly complicated.

The main advantage that a GoPro camera offers over a high end mobile camera is its sturdy built and mounting/harnessing capability. And that is what makes it a popular choice among avid travelers, mountain climbers, surfers, divers, bikers et al across the globe. These people have judiciously invested in GoPro cameras to create stunning vlogs. If you seek thrill and adventure, the GoPro is your best buy option. Let the world experience new things through your eyes.