There was a time when social media hashtags were ridiculed and frowned upon. Many people even considered the use of hashtags to be a massive put off. However, the trends have changed and these hashtags have turned into mighty marketing tools. They can help you reach a new audience, far beyond your followers and fans on social media. This, in turn, helps build brand awareness and boost audience engagement.

Of course, there are certain rules you should play by in the hashtag game. You can’t flood your Instagram post with every known hashtag in the book and expect it to garner traction. The key is to pick your hashtags judiciously and use them even more cautiously.

Here are a few tips to help you build a robust marketing strategy using hashtags:

Trending and Relevant

The first rule of the hashtag game is to identify the most popular hashtags in your niche. Rule out the ones that are too generic. They won’t help you reach the right audience. Next, pick the ones that are most relevant to your business. Use them rigorously on your social media posts to get your presence noticed in the online world.

Don’t Overdo It

One mistake social media users often make is to flood their posts with a number of irrelevant hashtags. This can do more harm than good. Reject all the unnecessary ones, keeping only those that are relevant. In addition, make sure you add these hashtags below the caption or in a separate comment. Don’t mix them with your caption or post description. Also, write them in a manner so that they are easy to read.

Craft Your Own Hashtag

Apart from using popular hashtags in your own niche, you should also create your unique branded hashtag. This is extremely crucial for branding purposes. Keep it short, simple and easy to read. Make sure it is related to your brand and conveys your brand’s vision effectively. Encourage your customers and social media followers to use it as much as possible.

#Throwback and #Flashback

Come Thursdays and Fridays, and everyone on social media joins the bandwagon of looking back at their past. #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday are some of the most popular and religiously followed hashtags on social media. This presents immense scope for brands to recognize reach an audience that would have remained inaccessible by other means. Make sure you upload a post that is relevant to these hashtags. Don’t try to force fit your brand into the trend just for the sake of it.