The time is 5 pm. It’s been a few hours since you had lunch. Dinner time is away by at least four hours. Yet, you have started to feel the hunger pangs and your energy levels have started to slump. You are almost tempted by an urge to buy a packet of potato chips or order a plate of bhajiya (munchies) from the roadside vendor. There is nothing wrong with this habit of eating between meals. However, regular consumptions of fried food can lead to obesity, high cholesterol and many other problems. What if I told you that instead of munching on oil soaked fritter, you could instead opt for healthy snack recipes?

The term ‘healthy’ snacking might throw you off slightly because of the presumption that anything healthy won’t go easy on your taste buds. However, with a little innovation, you can turn boring healthy food into irresistible snacks. Here are a few healthy snack recipes so that your body may never run out of fuel.