A passenger plane flying from Tehran to the southwestern city of Yasuj disappeared this Sunday morning. The plane had departed at 7:55 am local time, and went missing 50 minutes after that. This Iran plane crash occurred when the aircraft rammed on the Dena Mountain, near the city of Semirom in Isfahan province. The Aseman Airlines aircraft was a twin engine turbodrop.

It is being feared that all the passengers on the flight have been killed in the Iran plane crash. Initial reports said that there were 66 passengers on board. However, it was learnt later that one of the passengers couldn’t board the flight on time. However, Aseman’s Public Relations Chief, Mohammad Tabatabaie has said that they cannot confirm any of the deaths until the wreckage is recovered. “Given the special circumstances of the region, we still have no access to the spot of the crash and therefore we cannot accurately and definitely confirm the death of all passengers of this plane,” he said.

Map showing the site where the Iran plane crash occurred

Image Credits : bbc.com

Fog and strong winds delay Iran plane crash rescue

Twenty rescue teams were immediately deployed to the crash site on Sunday. However, all the search operations had to be stalled due to wind and snow. Even though the rescue workers tried to resume the search on Monday (early morning), bad weather conditions forced the helicopters to stay grounded. Several mountaineers with dogs and drones are trying to reach the spot where the crash occurred.

Some reports suggest that the rescue workers have established access to the crash site. However a civil aviation spokesman from Iran told Reuters that they cannot confirm these reports just yet.

Relatives of the victims wait in despair

Image Credits : bbc.com

The Impending Doom

Relatives of all those on board the aircraft are waiting anxiously for any news about their dear ones. Many of them had also gathered at a mosque near Mehrabad airport in Tehran. The 65 people on board include 59 passengers, two attendants, two pilots and two officials from the security forces.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani expressed his sympathy for all involved, saying in a statement that the incident brought “great grief and sorrow”. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also conveyed his condolences to the victims and their families.

This accident sheds light on the poor state of aviation in Iran. Due to international sanctions imposed to curb its nuclear programme, Iran has been struggling to obtain spare parts for maintenance of its aircrafts. This is one of the major reasons why the country has witnessed several aviation accidents in recent years.