• Siddharth Malhotra (as Vikram Sethi)
  • Sonakshi Sinha (as Maya Sinha)
  • Akshaye Khanna
  • Parul Gulati
  • Kimberly Louisa McBeath
  • Super Imagery.
  • Holloywood alike sound delivery.
  • Bad ending.
  • Subdued Plot.

Ittefar Movie Review : The movie opens on a plot of three people openly involved in a crime. The murder suspect are all three and no- one knows where the traces have led out to be. An inspector appointed has the task to complete the findings. The charge of murder seems to fall on both characters respectively,

The trail begins to find the murderers of characters Katherine Sethi & Shekhar Sinha. Inspector Dev Verma played by Akshaye Khanna is given the mantle to handle this sophisticated case. Th case has two turnings thematically . One, the suspect Vikram Sethi is an author and the killings that have happened somehow resonate a plot that he has authored in the past. The other side to it has Maya Sinha involved in it whose interrogation and finding leads to equal suspicions. Both her husband and Vikram’s wife have been murdered on the same night. Now that is some co-incidence leading to the thrill of a crime already committed.

The story begins with the onset of an accident that takes place in between. No one knows why and how Vikram Sethi the famous novelist runs upto the flat of Maya Sinha. Did he reach there by conspiracy or was it just a mere accident is what the film trails and chases throughout. Inspector Dev Verma (Akshaye Khanna) gets introduced and slowly starts digging the flow/chain of events vis-a-vis sides presented to the same happening differently by both the accused.

The film is shot very thematically and inspires dark mood and tones throughout. The background track of the film makes the whole incident hold on to a grip that is fairly weak on the plot but becomes truly twisted on basis of involvement of two or more people and loads of chinese whispers carrying the suspicion around.

Will the murderer escape/ get caught amidst all the conspiracy that is set to toil is the treatment of Ittefaq. It bounds to question the duality of human nature and how it inspires themes where there are areas of rivalry, cheating and misinterpretation of facts. The movie is supposedly a re-make of the 1969 film titled on/over the same name.

However the film is categorised or treated, the suspense that is suppose to make it a thriller lacks thrill enough to justify a two hour sitting. The movie flows pretty well as far as the screenplay is concerned but the outcome or final revelation could have been way more sophisticated or so called tighter considering the framework or backdrop of the plot which seems intense.

What lacks and needs to be worked upon is the outcome of a confusion created through and through but not delivered to the smack of a punch. May be the director and the crew wants the audience to have a take on the film rather than deciding who’s what? It is the event and act that creates a thrill and not the incident that has long happened is the call that the director wants to leave with may be. Only box-office numbers and audience interviews await to reveal that side of this new suspense crime tale just released. Happy viewing.

  • Watchability
  • Sound Track
  • Characters
  • Plot


First time director Abhay Chopra delivers well on craft, dialogues & noir-suspense that provides a grim-lit zone that is an essential prima as far as thrillers are concerned.

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