In a tragic incident, a Canadian rapper named Jon James fell to his death while shooting a stunt for his upcoming music video. The accident occurred in Vernon, British Colombia on Saturday. Jon James McMurray was only 34-years old.

The stunt that killed Jon James involved rapping while walking on the wing of a Cessna plane. His manager, Ryan Desrochers confirmed that the rapper had trained “intensively” for the shoot. However, as he walked towards the edge of the wing, the plane lost control. It spiraled downwards causing him to fall. McMurray failed to open his parachute as he held to the wing for too long. Even though the plane landed safely, he died on impact.

Many of McMurray’s friends expressed their grief on social media and paid tribute to his “unbelievable talent” for music. Rory Bushfield, Canadian skier and filmmaker, who knew the rapper since childhood confirmed that he had trained for months for this particular stunt. “He planned for everything,” he said. “It should have been straightforward. It’s one of those things. We’re not really sure what happened.”

Jon James McMurray and His Obsession with Extreme Stunts

All of McMurray’s 17,000 Instagram followers were shocked as the news of his death came. He was popular for featuring extreme stunts in his music videos. He would often upload snippets from these “crazy” and “insane” stunts on social media. In a previous video for a song titled “The Man”, he had jumped out of an airplane.

Desrochers recalled how McMurray’s love for music videos and extreme sports went hand in hand. He added that the artists aim was to combine these two elements and steer music in a new direction.