Have you ever wondered why every woman gets a shudder when they hear the name of Grant Road Station? I have been asked a few times as well but I never wondered why people get a shudder. May be my education in red-light areas have prevented me from getting scared on being asked in undertones.  Kamathipura, to begin with, is the largest red-light district which falls inside the financial capital of India. It is an encore of small huts and mansions which are also known as kothi’s to some people. There are various connotations to reach there. Some people go there in disguise to drink. Some people want to enjoy and splurge money and enjoy. The saddest being of all being, some visit Kamathipura their to find love and solace which they could never acquire from their worldly situations. Not only do people get a whim to visit the milieu but also wonder what life there would be.

Not all dancers are sex-workers. Neither do all sex-workers work in any bar. You can find an aunty of forty-five standing beside a girl benign on sixteen. It is sadly but truly the second most basic reason of war in the world. As we all have studied in our history books, opium and flesh trade are the first two established professions this world has ever seen.

Sex workers waiting on a street in Kamathipura

Image Credits : sudharakolwe.com

Why Visit Kamathipura?

If you are sad and grim and think that your life has nothing but full of menace. go and take a stroll here. You will find that women who live in the darkest of these dungeons know the truth. That makes them even stronger. They are exploited tortured and often put on the repent of what they were. That does not make them any different from us. They do it to earn a living. So what if we cannot acknowledge them and introduce them to others? So what if they cannot make or break the social pantheons where we stride and humiliate others? They still are women and have all the right to live and earn their bread.

What saddens the situation is how they face this brutality day in and day out with a smile on their face. How they know the world they live in is nothing different from the world that we are categorized for. The male pantheon we so fight on basis of equality and gender and rights should also exist for them. But who are we but frail etiquette’s to design anything but what happens.

I happen to write this article with desire that may no man look down upon a woman on basis of her looks, caste, sex and gender. There is a world of love and it can be transacted as well. Souls can suffer for sure but as few amongst us would agree, cannot be bought.

Salute to these brave ladies!