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  • Katie Stauffer, the owner of Instagram account kcstauffer, with her five kids.ac

Are you bummed over the fact that you have work on a weekend, when all your friends are out there partying? Or are you upset about spending the weekend at home because your partner is feeling under the weather? Or are you just in a bad mood for some work or family related matter? Whatever be the reason of your distress, I have the perfect solution to bring a smile on your face. All you need to do it check out an Instagram account by the name of kcstauffer.

Sophistication ~Audrey & Marilyn 💋

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Drop everything and check out this Instagram account!

Katie Stauffer, owner of the account and mother of five beautiful kids, has garnered a following of more than 2.8 million subscribers on Instagram. She identifies herself as a lifestyle influencer. I too am a diligent ‘follower’ of kcstauffer. I keep going back to her account for pictures of her adorable three year old, the youngest of her five children.

Doing my best to raise them to be courageous, strong, compassionate, loving peeps! ❤️

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Playing Barbies ALL day can be pretty exhausting 🙊

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If these pictures don’t melt your heart, wait till you watch one of Mila’s videos. Be it the weather of Arizona or the struggles of going to a gym, Mila seems to have a strong opinion about everything.

"Enjoying your summer?"- Mila (🎥by @kaitsta dress @numikids)

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Mila "weighs" in on the gym 😂 🎥 by @kaitsta

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How did it all start?

According to Katie, the idea of Mila’s videos came up when Mila was narrating a story to Katie’s elder daughter Kaitlyn. Most of the videos are shot and recorded by Kaitlyn too.

I think we've ALL been there Mila 🤦🏻‍♀️💺✈️ @kaitsta

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Where’s Emma?

While Mila loves to flaunt her acting skills like a diva, her twin Emma is not too fond of the camera. Emma rather prefers to pursue her artistic skills with a paint brush. Also, she loves to eat.

2 years old...almost potty trained...time to discuss career options. 🎥 by @kaitsta

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It runs in the family or at least between twins...(🎥@kaitsta) #notscripted! #allemma

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In a world that is filled with violence and unrest, these tiny tots are doing a great job at making the world a better place. One video at a time.

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