Lust Stories seems to be pivotal in understanding the psyche of the modern woman who is all confused but herself. In order to probe and gain sympathy all around, she becomes capable of staying independent, doing whatever yet staying in the glory is the mantra that she embodies. Feminism is a world and word that every person is comfortable or accustomed with in today’s world and it is imperative even for those who contest against it to watch this series of short films titled Lust Stories.

The narrative has been divided into four stories to weave and develop a common platform of fragility that keeps floating around the protagonists of all the stories.

The stories have one thing in common. Desire is a function of affection plus attraction and any one element missing in the equation can give rise to a situation that falls under the category of adultery or otherwise.

What is surprising is the way these stories have been presented and shot. All the stories adhere to the narrative of focusing around women’s life of subdue and shame even amidst this modern set-up of living in giant cities. Amidst having every facility and amenity on shore, what keeps the stories ticking is the wish and wants of the female characters to ask for more.

The Common Thread In Lust Stories

The overall plot of Lust Stpries is very attractive and each story has been dealt with subtlety, finesse and an undying vigour for attention that should arise amidst relationships facing a time and environment that is so fast and edgy. All the films have a centre theme plot of cheating/adultery and every situation for each director becomes a pivot to explore the question that arises every so even more. Is it fine for you to draw a line when your expectations are just not met with? Or are you fine by doing whatever you want by yourself? In this space age of having an independent life, are you even bothered about anyone else or are you just struck by the epitome of an ego that allows you to do what you want?

Whatever may be the case, one thing is for sure. All the four stories shown by four directors have the merit to cater to sensibilities that voice around pan – India. Lust Stories surely meant to address  and debate across love, sex and all complications that surround relationships around.

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All the four stories shown by four directors have the merit to cater to sensibilities that voice around pan – India.