Rains are lovely to witness and be a part of. So is the tedious task of going to work which becomes tricky. All sort of work makes us grow messy and soggy inviting germs and ultimately health problems during this season. Knowing a few monsoon hacks can save you and your family from all this trouble.

Following are some monsoon hacks that will always turn helpful making rainy season pass easier:

a) Newspapers: Not only can they help clean any mess quickly and easily, they also have a tremendous amount of soaking capacity. That makes it worth cleaning a lot of places and keeping things tidy as well as under check.

b) An extra door stopper: Having one door stopper often makes it difficult for the door to remain open as breeze keeps coming in during the monsoons. This often poses difficulty and irritation. An extra door stopper helps ensure doors meant to remain open do so and may the breeze flow in even better.

c) Rubber bands: Moisture and humidity often lead to edible things turning soggy and losing their crunch. Ensuring you have loads of rubber bands will keep your chips, biscuits, papads, chutneys, batters – all close contained, kept safely for the next time.

d) Waterproof pockets: Try buying some waterproof rexin cloth and take two-three trousers dedicated to this monsoon. Get your pockets lined and layered against heavy drizzle that will happen. This will help ensure safety of you phone and important documents as and when you commute, either by a 2-wheeler or by public transport.

e) Bath tub water harvesting: Got an old bathtub lying around and eating up space at home as your baby has grown? Try and put it on your terrace this monsoon. Soon you’ll find it filled with water attracting birds for a drink and a bath. You can also try and grow floating saplings here for peak growth in rains which then can later be shifted into plant tubs.

Hope these monsoon hacks make the upcoming rainy seasons pleasant and memorable for you.