A fun thing happened this morning. The sullen smog filled Delhi sky made way for some bright sunshine. You might be wondering, what’s the big deal with this? Let me elaborate. Ever since the monsoons hit, the capital city has been dull and gloomy. Such weather is cozy and romantic when you have to liberty to remain indoors. However, if you have to go out for work, or worse still, travel for any purpose, the monsoon snags can really take a toll on your sanity.

Since the weather had sullen with some wind, it seemed to be creating a chaos pretty much around every part of the country. The timings and schedule of flying around the country had hit a lag. Suddenly, roads were filled with potholes and daily commuters remained stuck in traffic for endless hours.

Here are some common monsoon snags that commuters are faced on a regular basis:

a) Time Delay: Delay in boarding the flight but reaching earlier as per schedule was making people snag around and feel the jiffy. Most of the airlines were running awry and were absolutely not aware of letting their passengers know in advance that they were on the verge of delay. Once inside the terminal, who’s going to complain but wait anyway. Hoping airlines start informing passengers at least two hours before boarding if the flight tends to be delayed.

b) Food Issues: Passengers who were travelling around and who liked to stay away from junk food had a terrible time bearing the late going of the air service. Not only did they feel the heat but spiraled prices of most eateries added on to the idea of low cost flying. After all how much can a person demand when stuck with no choice and left to be landing pretty late than what he/she expects to.

c) Water/Toilets: A bottle of water that can be carried helps but few areas to fill and having clean water due to monsoons is hitting the mindset of the people. Even airport drinking water is deemed unsafe by many people who have the inquisition to raise a brow to things that can smell /taste funny. Besides, a bottle of water costs Rs. 60, which is six times the price one would spend as compared to daily buying. Even the toilets bore the lateness of the hour and seemed to be soiled way worse than the washrooms of the airport should appear like.

Here’s hoping the monsoon snags would get better, if the rains hit next time.