A Nashville Waffle House in the US state of Tennessee witnessed a horrific crime as a nude gunman opened fire at the eatery. Four people have been killed, while four others have sustained injuries. Some witnesses have also suffered cuts on their skin due to shattered glass from the windows.

The ordeal started when the gunman fatally shot two people outside the restaurant at 3:23 (8:25 GMT) in the Antioch suburb, southeast of Nashville. He was carrying a semi-automatic rifle. He then barged into the Nashville Waffle House and opened fire, killing two more people and injuring others. The gunman was wearing nothing but a green jacket.

The havoc stopped only when a customer intervened and wrestled the rifle from the gunman. The brave customer was hiding near the restaurant’s bathroom and monitoring the man’s movements. As the shots ceased, he charged towards the gunman, snatching his weapon and tossing it over the counter. However, the assaulter fled the scene, leaving his jacket behind.

Police have identified a “person of interest” in the Nashville Waffle House shooting.

Metro Nashville PD took to Twitter to make the announcement:

Nashville police has also issued warning instructing all residents to lock their doors and stay alert at all times.

“Keep your doors locked, keep your eyes open. If you see this individual — if you see a nude guy walking around this morning — call the police department immediately,” MNPD spokesman Don Aaron said.

While the motive behind the shooting remains unknown, Nashville police has identified the weapon to be an AR-15 rifle. According to the local media, this weapon is used commonly for mass shootings in the US.