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I grew up watching the action packed blockbusters and emotional roller coasters churned out by our Hindi film industry. I am guilty of having admired some of these films as well. With age, I outgrew the melodramatic Hindi films and transitioned to Hollywood. Filmmakers like Chrostopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky and Sam Mendes introduced me to a world of beautiful storytelling and brilliant acting.

It wasn’t until I joined film school, that I became familiar with an alternate dimension of cinema. Some call it parallel cinema, while others label it as art films. For me, it was a new style of filmmaking which I hadn’t witnessed earlier. And my mind was blown by some of their works. Here is a list of a few such filmmakers.

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Soumita Moitra
"Every girl goes through a photography phase." Mine seems to have lasted longer. All I want is to explore new things in life and share my experience through words and pictures. Also, filmmaker, editor and full-time waffle addict.
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