In this fast moving world of consumerism, one tends to have way more than a few things in their pocket. Not only that, we tend to find ourselves carrying various bags as well. When we forget things that we have missed out in the past, we tend to become obsessive about double/triple checking things. There is no cure of letting this OCD go. But one can surely make it worthwhile to remember more when it comes to keeping things.

Let’s list out a few common and subtle signs that indicate your might be on the verge of OCD:

1) Pressing CTRL S: Some people fear the loss of a file that has yet not been created. Even having a feature like auto recovery does not assure some people that the file won’t be lost. Once lost, never to be recovered is not the case. You will often find that letting it go can create better output the second time.

2) Keys & Mobile Phones: We often tend to tap our pockets, fearing we might have dropped our keys or check whether the secretive mobile is still there or not. Keep remembering the last time you had a talk on the phone or try keeping a small belt pouch which always makes sure your keys are intact.

3) Checking Car Doors: Even after central and auto locking feature, some people do a double check to ensure the doors have been properly locked. Fear of losing their vehicle is immense amidst most people. Having an auto lock/immobilizer might help with such OCD-ish behaviour. You can make a choice which is either to exercise yourself uselessly or spend some money to buy some peace of mind.

4) Checking Money: Many people keep checking whether their spend is intact or keep re-counting the returned balance. This fear arrives out of feeling cheated mostly. Letting your mind ease a little or keeping less cash in your pocket might help reap a better mind and a healthy approach towards everyday buying or spending.

Relax & Let Go!!

Hopefully, the following points shall give you a good sign that you ought to relax and allow mistakes to happen. We only have to learn from them and losing once does not mean you will be deprived again. Try a few days of easing your mind or if willing, talk to a therapist. Remember, time well spent in enjoying will give more joy than reassuring you are up to date with everything every time.