“What’s your plan for New Year’s?” It’s the single most dreaded question for those who shuttle between office and home to make a living. While everyone around you is busy making plans for New Year’s Eve, you might be worried you may have to work even on the last day of the year. Even though you are craving a break from your daily life, your bank balance may not be as supportive. Well, I have three words that can brighten your mood – one day trip.

The biggest advantage of a one day trip is that it’s perfect for people who can’t manage to get a long break from work. You can squeeze it in between two hectic work weeks. Or just take a day off and head to a new destination. Owing to its short duration, a one day trip is usually easy on the pocket. And if planned correctly, it gifts you a lifetime of precious memories.

Despite seeming so effortless, a one day trip is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is requires meticulous planning and some experience before you can make the most of your day long sojourn.

Here’s are a few practical tips that are extremely useful in planning a one day trip:

Pick the Right Destination

The first thing you need to consider while planning your one day trip is where do you want to go. Of course, the place needs to be away from the hustle bustle around you. However, if it is to far from your location, you might end up spending most of your time in travel. Needless to say, you won’t be left with much time to explore your destination. I recommend that you pick a place that can be easily reached within 4 – 5 hours by road or rail.

Travel Overnight

What is the most common mistake that novice travelers make? My guess is choosing to travel during day time. If you start your journey in the morning, you’ll only reached your destination by afternoon. And you’ll be left with very less time to do what you actually set out for. The best thing is to get the most of daylight hours by traveling overnight. If there is a train, nothing like it. Otherwise, you can also look consider traveling by bus. Bus service has improved significantly in our country. Many of the buses have air-conditioning and sleeper coaches. Get a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh and ready to explore.

Pack Light

This one is kind of obvious. If you’re only traveling for a day, there’s no need to pack a lot of stuff. Don’t carry more than one bag. This makes it easy for you to roam around without having to bother about keeping your luggage. Just stick to the bare essentials such as toothbrush and comb. Make sure you pack your charger, power bank and camera.

With these three things on your mind, you can surely rock any one day trip on this planet.