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When was the last time you went out with your family or friends to buy something for yourself. If the answer is more than a year, you are caught in the web of online shopping. If that is the case, you must be satisfied sitting back and enjoying what you like the best. LAZE.

However, here are a few things you might be missing out on, thanks to online shopping:

1) Getting a chance to bargain: Online offers are meant to make your eyes slurp over discounts. Imagine buying a Rs. 110 mini toy with 15% discount already given only to find out later that Mrs. X had bought it from a local market for Rs. 70 only.

2) Meeting old pals: People often used to bump into each other while shopping and then go home together to grab a cup of coffee. That also meant lesser amount of telephone bills to accrue and have a good great time with pals. On the move and off the grid were the ideas. The charm of meeting people, old and new, is absent from online shopping.

3) Exchange: The only advantage that online shopping gives you it seems, right? Well not really. Aunties of great disorder had known shopkeepers who know what their value of return would turn out to be. Yes, some things remain the same as they were back then. While online shopping has a greater chance of getting the replacement, you cannot touch and feel your product when it comes to judging the quality. Quality of the stuff varies exponentially with the quality of the product.

4) Nagging Husbands: This one’s surely a winner for online. Wives who do not go out spend more time with their husbands? No and yes. But one thing is for sure, their hubbies are a happier lot as they do not have to trail their wifeys with bags dangling all around their hands.

If yesterday was the last day you went out to shop, may be you should try going online as well. Doing something new is the spice of life and one should never run out of it, whether old or new.

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