Long before Swiggy and Food Panda raided all menu cards and named a few extra dishes, there used to be an iconic place which the city of Delhi has lost amidst its beautification or progress. Moolchand Parantha Wala was one of the best hangouts for the young and savvy middle class and upper middle class residents of South Delhi. Piping hot tea and Paranthas! Heaven amidst the bridge that took a turn towards Nehru Place. I bet every South Delhi resident or even people hailing from other corners of the city miss this place which was truly one of a kind.

Be it seven thirty in the evening or five o’clock in the morning, Moolchand Parantha Wala used be filled with customers of all sorts, savouring the crisp combination of hot tea and succulent paranthas. Even the mention of this will water any listening heart, let alone eat a few.

My visit to the Original Moolchand Parantha Wala

Chur Chur Naan at Moolchand Parantha Wala in Delhi

Image Credits : lbb.in

I happened to visit this place a few years back when I was a resident of Kolkata. I had come to Delhi to visit a niece of mine, who happened to suggest. We went out in the wee hours of the night. The place was filled with at least forty people hanging around. Everybody looked fresh as a dew. The crowd consisted mostly of youngsters. The place had a charm that truly can be considered one of its kind. Conversations ranged from completing summer projects to having an affair with the maid.

Aloo stuffed Paranthas, Gobi Paranth’s, Pyaaz Paranthas and a combination of Aloo gobhi, Aloo pyaaz, Aloo Gobhi pyaaz. The place served milk tea as well. People who use to visit often reminisce about this place. Many years later, when I settled in Delhi as a resident, I went in search of this quaint eatery again. I had to take a diversion minus knowing the place does not exist no more. The new replacement looked swanky, but didn’t seem quite familiar.

Long gone are the food plates that kept lying on the road side, the tea cups that used to tinker every few minutes and lads with their cigarettes that kept burning irrespective of place and time. We all miss it, says a reporter friend as well. She is thinking even of covering a story. I happened to be with her as we went there trying to find how this city is changing over the moulds that we happen to call civilization.

Where are we headed?

The New Moolchand Parantha Place

Image Credits : hindustantimes.com

What still makes me wonder is are we moving ahead or are we just turning old? We happen to believe this eatery will not be lost amidst the name of paranthas that were exclusive to this place. All this development makes us question again where they are. Are they the ones who happen to move ahead as well. Or have they been displaced in lieu of our own advent. That is a question we never seem to figure amidst the neons that adorn this newly lit place. Our only alas happens to be the zest of missing out a nice lip smacking time of savour. We hope it will be back. Do you?