Parents often wonder how to bring up their little ones in this space of no compromise competent cut-throat world of academics and socials. They also try their best to provide their children with all materials and mostly wants they need for? However, a crucial part of parenting is to understand when your child’s demands are getting over the top and need to be controlled.

Here are a few parenting hacks to help new-age parents:

That is the question that impedes so many fathers and mothers. What is the need for providing every material comfort to the children? Is it their ambition to provide things and beef up their process of want? Or is it their priority to make them learn and devise how to ask for things that they really call for?

For instance, buying a high end phone for a kiddo might not be a necessary thing for you. However your kid might differ saying some other parent doesn’t mind showing off that piece of expensive gadget to your kid. In that sense, do you perceive your child’s tantrum as a seed of someone else’s aspiration? In another words, had Mr. X not bought his kid an iPhone, your kid would have never figured out the reason to ask for it.

Stubborn kids make parenting difficult

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We live in a world of social comparisons and no matter what happens, we always have to fend children to make them prosper. Providing monetary quick methods of materialistic wants makes them implicate their own mind to ease and leads them to lesser of problem solving and more of comparative yearning. Meaning what you have is not good enough and you also do not know how to seek the best out of it.

Parenting is becoming all the more difficult

So whose fault is it? Is it your kid who wants a big shot bike or is it you who wants that rationale behind it asking why should he have it? Parents really have to assess whether they want their children to pick traits of being one up? Or are they going to be the game changers and the inventors of tomorrow?

No matter what you do, you will always find that a basket full of apples never are of same size, shape and might differ a little in taste too. What matters is that all of them are picked up from the same heavenly garden of aboard that God has descended children to us from. And if you are trying to feed your kid with non-sense to juggle their way up, you find a ladder slip somewhere.

It is always better to begin life with modesty in order to appreciate opulence.