Every rainy season, quote unquote, one feels the lethargy to skip work/school. Be it mummy, papa or the poor kid. After all, who doesn’t want to chill out during a gloomy rainy day!

Here are a few shooters which have always worked when it comes to scoring a rainy day off:

1) Stomach Upset: Like there’s air, there’s water. It is everywhere. A problem so common that anybody can have it and especially during the season of downpour. Try out any form of stomach imbalance and you are assured to get 1-3 days of holidays depending on the gravity of your dump. Pun intended.

2) Tyre Puncture: Imagine a tyre puncture on a rainy Monday morning after an extended Sunday late night. I would be appropriate once a year. Being rainy season adds compulsion and credibility to your situation. One can take half day at best. But in case of home is more than 30 kms way, you can pretty much enjoy the entire rainy day.

3) Tip Toeing (Missing School Bus): Neither you need to give any reason nor you need to be afraid. Walk super slow and miss your school bus saying you were saving your polished shoes from the logged water. A missed bus means a holiday plus better shoes for the next day as well. This tip strictly applies to kids only.

4) Flu: It is quite natural to catch a cold or have fever during the rainy season. A half day tuition holiday can easily be scored or a full two days of doctor visit and rest. Depends on how you alert your parents and what excuses you will provide. And the extent of your puppy face.

5) Wet Clothes: On a rainy day, you can always give excuses such as your clothes could not dry up. You could not go out and do anything else due to the rains. These and more showers around can help you escape boring and compulsive show off – meaning better parties this season where food’s more but warmth’s less may be.