Do you often feel stressed and anxious? The fast-paced lives that we lead often leave us with no time to take care of ourselves. This results in a disharmony between the body and the mind. Such imbalance is the root cause of many diseases. Therefore it needs to be avoided at all costs. This is where breathing exercises can be of immense help.

You may not have a lot of time to follow a rigorous health regimen. Most breathing exercises require an investment of only a few minutes. You can easily accommodate them into your daily routine. The benefits are plenty including relief from stress, improved sleep and better health.

Here are a few breathing exercise that you can practice:

Rebirthing Breathwork

Unresolved stress, issues and past emotional hurts have a way of cropping up in new situations over and over, leaving many people feeling disconnected and drained or wondering “Why does this keep happening to me?”.

Breathwork is a way to disable these patterns by dissolving the underlying blocks on a cellular level to help people experience a much greater sense of aliveness, vitality, openness and peace with which to move through life. Through Rebirthing, emotional suppressed material is dissolved and a deep experiential connection with the spiritual/creative source within is accessed which helps in recognizing your True Self.

Shamanic Breath Journey

In the ‘Shamanic Breath Journey’, ancient healing practices are combined with  new ones (Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork) in a unique way. Through circular breathing exercises, we enter into a non ordinary state of consciousness, a higher reality, exploring our connection with our spiritual dimension. We can also unlock our ‘vital energy ( Kundalini) with its regular practice.

We realize that every experience we are going through is a teaching and an opportunity to process and integrate the so called “negative experience” into our journey.

We can see our ‘dark side’ and turn it in an ally for a wholesome living, thus becoming stronger and finding the ‘completion’ in ourselves. We can find that unadulterated ‘ joy of living’ enabling us to open ourselves wholly to give love and receive love; to be able to see the beauty within us and around us.

20 Connected Breaths

This technique involves simple breathing exercises which can be done anywhere, any time to release suppressed and negative energies from our body. Each exercise benefits you in a different way. In the process, you reach a moment where inhaling and exhaling merge into one, bringing you immense relief.