• Kalki Koechlin (as Sahana Mehra)
  • Hitesh Malhan (as Sardar Employee)
  • Niraj Shah
  • Sumeet Vyas
  • Rakhee Sandilya – Director
  • Prakash Mondal/Swathi Mondal – Producer
  • Sagar Desai/Mikey McCleary – Music
  • Relatable plot.
  • Sensible portrayals
  • Too many babies crying inside the hall.

Ribbion Movie Review : Sensible film-making has been something that this entire new generation of multiplex goers look forward to. They do not just want the stereotypes to exist but also rake/stake emotions which are a little more relatable. Ribbon is just the right film to begin that ode if you are not in a mood to unwind watching some plot which already exists in your memory.

Welcoming generation today, The film opens on a plot of a gritty father who does not want his child unborn to be aborted which leads to giving birth of a daughter child. The mother or wife of his (played by Kalki Koechin) abides by the love and conviction that her partner depicts while they both happily prepare towards parenthood as their first child arrives onto the planet.

Parenthood pushes a new diem though onto their lives but things and troubles start building as they cope of with their newly acquired status of having a baby. Their life revolves around the gamut of their newly born daughter Aashi and the problems that a working mother gets entangled with/into.

What breathes a fresh whiff of air onto the plot is finding the new age husband to be supportive and sensitive and how his involvement makes help solve rather than construe more hardships for the mother in question. It is her husband Karan (Played by lovely Sumeet Vyas) who handles life being a sensitive guy but also manages to retain his macho- subdued all throughout the plot. The new age fatherhood certainly gets reflected in a manner that is new and not just built around to support a story.

The whole story revolves around how bringing in a child in this world of material confusion leads to the development of a female protagonist and how following situations make her life grow tougher and more challenging. The support of a modern husband keeps up the balance of the film effectively throughout is the morale that seems less questionable than it was a decade ago.

Characterisation and plot development is an essence that the director and her co-writer must be given credits for. We see the couple facing problems and hardships that i am sure are the contentions for the new age parents or the to be’s. The story delivers a new angle and that angle also helps portray a societal declining of how considering a baby can prove to be a hindsight in making a career growth ahead. It questions one’s priorities and we find out what this couple deals with as the plot keeps growing thicker and brings in tensions that truly exist but remained untold.

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  • Watchability
  • Sound Track
  • Characters
  • Plot


Sadly enough, the film does not reveal which side this relationship of new sort takes a beating onto but the knit of having a family and sticking by it will make a lot of audience like it. The film is well made and shot (hands on) sensibly. The nouveau aspects of the characters being their looks, thoughts and demeanour on screen. A female director does have an edge over the male mostly when it comes to portraying emotions that really matter? Only watching the film will make you convinced if not otherwise. Happy Watching.

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