• Manij Bajpayee
  • Adarsh Gaurav
  • Smita Tambe
  • Atanu Mukherjee – Director
  • Evocative music by Mr. Amit Trivedi.
  • Too much talking over Cell-phones (cross talks/conversations)

Rukh Movie Review : What happens when a son lodged amidst the terrains of a boarding school suddenly finds out his father has died and has to return home to hold hands of his mother in grief. The revelation takes a flight.

A son loses his father. Havoc unfolds. Every incident that happens makes a little mind grow up to present realities cascades into every occurring  following . Screenplay keeps ticking as the plot starts unravelling thereafter.

Father Father no will take a toll on any naive mind who holds his parents in dear values. This film adapts what any/every young mind goes through growing up across generations aboard.

A coming of age sensibility is portrayed through emotions untied. The story unravels and keeps making the protagonist grow darker. His love and yearn for his father makes his mind suspicious that BABA’s death was not merely an accident. He tries to unravel a mystery that is truly mysterious to his innocent mind.

What he does in order and how his actions entails is what brings ‘RUKH’, a sensible semi-dark depiction of a subject that is so common yet refreshing. So is the music of the film. It engrosses our minds to fathom how sensibilities bring us to co-relate our past with our harsh present.

Overall, the plot seems inspired from Dosar, ‘ a bengali film made by Maverick director Rituporno Ghosh. Also a little knack of seasonings from ‘Mom’ released a few days ago. Some film studies students who were watching along also felt the plot is shining basis inspired ‘Rashomon”, the Cult classic directed by Master Director Akira Kurosawa.

Characters are strong and so is the resolute of portraying a young mind’s atrocities upon losing the dearest of his treasure. What happens in the process of finding out and what happens next is what makes this film a little ‘HATKEY’.

Dialogues by Vasan Bala are sensible (Not tacky this time), and Actors involved seem to leave a mark upon every endearing mind. It is again the discretion of viewers to chose what makes this story stronger? The protagonist? His parents? Or their alibis?

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A must watch catch for all sensible minds willing to appreciate new age and coming of age Cinema.

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