A few days back, Netflix announced that a book that has been in calling corners has been picked by their team. Netflix also summoned upon two world class directors in India. One of them being the show-runner. The other being his main bet to direct a series that will later transpire to become something of a sort that will be compared to NARCOS. A series over fictitious incidents that lead the mafia to get entrenched into a story that is also filled with honesty, grit, temperament and flavour. No points for guessing the name – Sacred Games. The directors in question are Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane.

Welcome to Sacred Games – the web series

It is a drama worth watching. It has eight episodes glistening every bit of detail that you need to grip over and over running on web time enticing millions of viewers outside India as well as in India. The timing seems to be right and so does the look and feel of it in its entirety. The city of Mumbai is shown in glee and gloom. The penchant and colour also comes out right and bright.

Right from the under-belly of the characters to the assigned details of the incidents, Sacred Games keeps the audience on the hook to prove who’s who and how the entire game keeps moving. The stars involved are also worth praise that they have kept the sanctity of emotions. They have not been afraid to experiment and lead into a platform that seems to be quite new and aspiring for the Indian world viewer of sorts. The ensemble cast, including Nawazuddin Siddique, Radhika Apte and Saif Ali Khan, delivers some of the best performances the Indian audience has ever seen.

It’s right time to get your Netflix subscription

A bit of nudity can be adjudged but far away from profanity leading to prove that it is the aesthetics and the treatment of scenes which make it real and vulgar. Kudos to the team for creating an 8 episode series full of actions and vicious turns leading to interesting events all around. The plot seems to have thickened and we are up for a wait to find out what happens in the upcoming season of Sacred Games. Hoping it will be worth beers and that to draught.

P.S – You can submit back your one month free trial after you watch the series. Netflix has one month trial subscription and this seems to be the apt time to decide when to get hooked onto it 😀

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Sacred Games surely is a turning point for the Indian entertainment industry. Gone are the days of “saas-bahu” soap operas. We are here to anxiously wait for the next season of this Netflix web series.