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Ever wondered why Salman Khan never ties the knot? Does that make you envious that while your grandchildren are yawning to bunk classes, he can still chill with the Bhai Antic’s instead? If your answer is a yes, then forget it as a cup of tea that wasn’t there for a pluck in your garden. If the answer is no, then the topic actually reaches out and makes one wonder why Sallu Bhai is still the most eligible bachelor in B-town.

Here are some plausible imaginary causes why Salman Khan has not tied the knot yet:

1) He felt cheated: Having a studded life has its own course and he might have had a rejection that affected and bemused him for the better. Who would have thought but a different guy otherwise?

2) He cared too much about family: May be he did not find it necessary to find pleasure in changing diapers as much as he would have liked too. Rather, Salman Khan held onto what was/is important. Not everyone’s cup and lips match but when it does, where does it lead. Not out of this galaxy is something for sure and a little tad more.

3) Kid Phobia: Being the biggest kid in the block can give jitters to anyone, let alone our Bhai of action and chulbulhood. Imagine feeling frightened to see the even devilish little you in front of you and shying away from it. Now that is a thought that very few barrels in thousand oak’s can lead to. That’s why they taste premium and aren’t for the worldly, or the opposite.

4) Someday!: This paparazzi business and the growing fan and compressor making industries have nearly made it impossible for Bhai to let alone think even contemplate on anything. Anything that’s on his mind is already being bludgeoned three seconds later. How poor of us to even imagine about something so cherished and private to be made into a ruckus? That too just on a thought! That’s a star and it’s zillions dragging by tail.

Well does it really even matter whether Salman Khan marries or not. Does it even matter that he does not want his blood to become his branded ink? I mean for crying out love loud, he might have had a reason that’s his. That made him Salman. And had you been him, you surely would not have done the same. That is why he is the Bhai.

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