News is floating all around that a new market gizmo has arrived which is taking buyers by storm. No. It is not a radio which runs through satellite but one surely which has a future Wi-Fi to deck it up. Introducing the new Saregama Carvaan! It is the next parity level purchasing of pricing songs and making cabinets out of retro chartbusters.

Welcome to the new idea called electronic radio. The Saregama Carvaan does not offer you an online extension to play whatever you want. However, it is a little wondrous product where you will find a catalog listing of 5000 songs which have been programmed as per moods under various eminent musicians of the last 50-60 years. Ailing hits to numbers that made movies super chart busters include every bit of lining up and geeky work that reflects through its electronic dial. It also has a classy wooden/steel matte finish that can put pride in the heart of any old soul. It proudly displays the junction of style and ease of carrying, and listening to your favourite music anywhere.

Saregama Carvaan: For the old souls

The Saregama Carvaan is targeted at the age old lover of music who just does not buy the idea of streaming music online or doesn’t want an ad interruption either. It is for age grown people who appreciate music, add a little bit of nostalgia and want a cabinet that reminds them of the days when songs were supposed to be owned by collectors.

The stylistics sure look good and the jog dial and radio charger also suffices. It can be jacked up using batteries. A nice older day looking LCD screen along-with blue-tooth connection just seems apt for the retro lover who doesn’t want the hoard to chase every hit that belts out from various websites. It is an age old jar of pickle meant for mamas and papas alike who would like to carry their radios while travelling from one room to another, also from one location to the other. The charm seems to be priced at around 7000 INR. Let’s hope RPG group bags some quality listeners, the market they so well entrenched some 20 years back in business.