Almost every human being who goes through the highs and lows of life would accept, it is somewhat relevant to understand the significance of a little word that actually tends to work miracles as a stand apart. NO. A small little gesture that helps put across your own perspective minus creating any views or opinions. Living in a world constricted with social commitments and everyday hoard to do things that others are also doing mostly takes a toll on us. Let us go ahead and figure out how merely saying no can help mask a few things that might not work in your favor in the long run.

Here’s what you can do to say no assertively.

Is everybody in your neighborhood is planning to do something together which you find a little odd and not helpful in the long run? If you think that the decision taken will solely make others happy and not give you an opportunity to present your own side or view, it is imperative you stick to your guns. Make others understand that you are not in favor. If it affects and makes people strand against initially, do not fear. Saying no will help establish your liking and disliking minus taking anyone’s side. It will help keep you neutral and worthwhile of doing constructive things but also having a head of your own to decide for yourself.

If you find your children asking for something that is out of your financial reach or you find them demanding something that comes out of peer pressure, you should also pass on this lesson of putting across your mind. Make them understand that it is their choice and liking that leads to their requirement and not others who merely have it because they want. It is very important to figure out what is more important and not necessarily something that helps your children’s social status. Help them realize their own worth and let them understand that everything should not be a green signal when it comes to growing up. Only understanding the value of something before procuring it is the way to learn and live peacefully within yourself. This is the mantra that will help them bud well in future.