• Amir Khan (as Shakti Kumar)
  • Zaira Wasim (as Inisy,  Insu)
  • Meher Vij
  • Raj Arun
  • Kabir Shaikh
  • Farroq Jaffer
  • Tirth
  • Best watch for younger generation
  • Songs will touch your heart.
  • If you love you Mother, you will love this watch
  • Cries and sobs amidst theatres

What happens when that one dreaded desire takes over everything that one can own upto. That call from your heart that i can make myself into something as well.

Secret Superstar is a call. To the ones who like to follow their heart. To the ones who never let go of their ambition. To the ones who really really chase what they want.

Innocence of children knows no bounds as and when it comes to what prohibits them. They do not care who and why they cannot what they cannot. Any circumstance that comes in between has to be dealt with a rebel. Power of youth. Sheer power of passion.

The entire film revolves around the story of a girl called Insiya who want’s to sing her heart out but her circumstances lead her to awry. From having a father who lives in a world of his own to a mother who knows why its important to do what is to be done. Insiya keeps upto her ambition of achieving what her heart has fallen for. She does not and will not care for the dubious mind that others have planned around her. That’s the essence that the film lives upto. The plot of the film stays simple throughout and we tend to grapple with realities that as Indians we are so attuned to. A girl is not suppose to voice her opinion is the problem that the plot deals with. Whatever she does can and will twist and turn the narrative is the thought and is worth every laud that’s available.


Children are and will be the centre focus of rebellion when it comes to changing the foray that our society thrives upon and as we battle and change whats not done, we will see more and more of it Insiya’s. What would you do if your father doesn’t allow you to play your guitar? Would you not hide behind some alias and make a moron of him! Well i would and so would millions of hearts who know no bounds but the call.

That call which makes other’s realise that soul cannot be trapped by any earthly reality. It is way way way above than that. Passion never knew no grounds and it never will.

A must watch entertainer though it falls flat on certain areas termed shot-taking, dialogues, situations (could have been way grittier) & soundtrack (lesser use of music would have heightened nerves more may be).

A Must Watch Flim
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  • Soundtrack
  • Plot
  • Characters


When Aamir Khan backs a film, you expect quality. The actor who plays an obnoxious music director, Shakti Kumaarr, in this outing, doesn’t let you down on that count. Debutant director Advait Chandan, who schooled under Aamir gives you a simple heartfelt film (slightly `fairytalish’ at times) but one in which you run the entire gamut of emotions — joy, tears, excitement and ebullience.

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