An explosion at Southgate Tube Station in north London injured five people. Emergency services arrived at the location with a number of ambulances and hazardous area response teams to take control of the situation. Paramedics treated three of the victims immediately. The other two were taken to a hospital.

Scotland Yard said that the “minor explosion” occurred as a result of a battery short circuit. The incident happened at 19:00 hours BST on Tuesday.

Witnesses present at site of explosion described rubber-like smeel and six-foot flames coming from the entrance of Southgate Tube Station in Enfield. James Ayton, 34, was on the “packed”escalator when he saw a “quick burst” of flames at the top. He said: “It wasn’t a bang. It was like a very rapid whooshing sound.”

Since the train had just unloaded at Southgate Tube Station, the area was quite packed with people. The sudden explosion caused huge commotion amidst the crowd. People rushed to flee that station, and many were trampled upon in this process.

Police used Twitter to share updates about the situation at Southgate Tube Station:

Police have also advised people to avoid the area near the station. They have also clarified that this does not appear to an act of terrorism. Initially, though, the counter-terrorism command of Metropolitan Police Department was brought in to investigate the matter.

London mayor, Sadiq Khan, also took to Twitter to thank the emergency services for their prompt action. Further, he confirmed the non-suspicious nature of the explosion.

Regular train services at Southgate Tube Station resumed this morning.