If you wish to catch a glimpse of the unadulterated beauty of any place, just go there during the time of sunrise or sunset. The crimson hues of the sun rays blend seamlessly with the pristine blue of the sky. This, in turn, casts a rich warm tone on the surrounding, gifting you with the most memorable views. No wonder, photographer cherish this period as the “magic hour”. Now, if you, like me, are too attached to the snooze button, then chances are you will not make it on time to watch a sunrise. But spectacular sunsets can more than make up for it.

The diverse landscape of India, with its sea beaches, rivers, mountains, forests, hills and monuments, offers plethora of view points for you to witness some of the most spectacular sunsets. Although the phenomenon of sunset is mesmerizing on its own, some places in India manage to heighten the experience owing to the sheer ambiance of such places.

So, here are a few such points in India from where you can witness the most spectacular sunsets.