In a rather fascinating incident, an eight-year-old girl pulled out a 1500-year old sword from a lake in Sweden. The chance discovery happened this summer when the girl was playing near Vidöstern lake, which is close to her family’s holiday home.

Swedish-American Saga Vanecek had gone for a swim when she felt something in the water. She lifted it up and realized it looked like a sword with a handle. She immediately went to tell her father. The water level in the lake was significantly low due to a recent drought. That is probably why Vanecek chanced upon the pre-Viking era sword so easily.

Saga’s father Andy Vanecek dismissed the object as an unusual stick. It was only when he took a closer look and consulted a friend that he realized it was an ancient artifact. Mr. Vanecek shared further details in a Facebook post which stated that the sword was found complete with its scabbard. It was made of wood and leather, and it is “the first sword of its kind to ever be found in Scandinavia.”

This is particularly fascinating for Mr. Vanecek as he is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He moved to Sweden with his family only a year back, to stay closer to his wife’s relatives.

“I’m a huge Minnesota Vikings fan, and this looks just like a Viking sword!”, wrote an excited Mr. Vanecek.

The pre-Viking era sword found in a lake in Sweden

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Little Saga labeled “Queen of Sweden”

Local have named Vanecek “Queen of Sweden”, drawing parallels with the legend of King Arthur. Similar to this real life incident, King Arthur got the Excalibur sword from the Lady of the Lake. And that is how he earned his right to rule.

The sword is being kept at a local museum in Sweden. Initially, experts at the museum thought the sword to be 1000-year old. However, later estimated revealed that it is even older. “It’s not every day that you step on a sword in the lake!” Mikael Nordstrom from the museum said.

The ancient sword is approximately 85 centimeters long. It also has wood and metal preserved around it. “We are very keen to see the conservation staff do their work and see more of the details of the sword,” added Nordstrom.

Following this discovery, archaeologists are carrying out further excavations in the lake. They have found an ancient brooch from the 3rd century. Although they initially assumed that the place was a grave site, they now believe that it may have been a place of sacrifice.