Tragedy struck the Swiss Alps when a vintage World War Two aircraft carrying seventeen passengers and three crew members crashed into a mountainous region in eastern Switzerland. All twenty people on board have died in the Switzerland crash.

The aircraft was a 79-year old Junkers JU-52. It was carrying the passengers from Locarno to Zurich. The passengers were returning after a two day excursion near the southern border of Switzerland.

The Switzerland crash occurred when the WW2 aircraft crashed above the ski resort of Films, on the 3000 m tall mountain of Piz Segnas. The fatal accident happened on Saturday evening. The victims include nine women and eleven men, all aged between 42 and 84. Apart from Swiss nationals, an Austrian couple and their son are also among the deceased. Their bodies are still being recovered. Officials are yet to release the names of victims of the Switzerland crash.

What could have caused the Switzerland crash?

The reason behind this deadly incident is yet to be uncovered. Police have said that the investigation will be a complex process, as the pilots didn’t send out any distress signal before the crash. Also, the vintage aircraft didn’t have a black box. Owing to the remote alpine location of the crash site, there may have been little to no radar monitoring.

“We can assume that the aircraft hit the ground near-vertically and at relatively high speed,” Daniel Knecht of the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board said at a news conference in Flims.

Airline operator JU-Air expressed their condolences and have set up a helpline for relatives of the deceased. The company’s CEO Kurt Waldmeier has confirmed that the aircraft had undergone a thorough inspection in July, this year.

Another small plane crashed in central Switzerland on Saturday, killing a family of four, including two children.