There are places on our lovely planet which can be called ‘Power Spots’ and have the quality to energize, heal and rejuvenate. These places emit energies that can lift us to a higher state of consciousness. These are energy vortexes that produce a sense of wonder and awe. Taj Mahal is one such place.  Described by Rabindranath Tagore as a “teardrop on the cheek of eternity”, Taj Mahal remains one of the most intriguing monuments. In addition, it is an epitome of eternal beauty and love.

Since the 17th century, travellers have crossed continents to come and see this ultimate memorial to love. For centuries, it has inspired poets, painters and musicians to try and capture its elusive magic in word, colour and song.  It was created on Sufi principles.

Taj Mahal: Basking Under The Moonlight

The Taj Mahal was made in such way that on a full moon night, if you sit, just looking, you will become meditative. Twenty years after security concerns ended, India’s Supreme Court allowed opening of Taj Mahal for night-time viewing.

Looking at Taj on a silent night when the moon is at its full glow is a moment of pure bliss. That’s when rays of the moon light up the entire monument and lend it a silvery glow. Taj Mahal looks so mesmerizing on a full moon night and then  the sun comes up to slowly bathe it in shades of pink.

“On the full moon night, when the moon comes just in the middle of the sky, the Taj Mahal becomes the greatest object of meditation that man has created. You just sit silently and look at it, and just looking at it your thoughts will subside. The beauty of it is so enormous that your mind simply feels at a loss. It cannot grasp it, so it becomes silent.” ~ Osho

Taj Mahal basking under the light of full moon

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How to Plan Your Night Visit to the Taj?

Night visits to Taj Mahal are allowed for only five days every month – on the night of full moon and two days before and after it. You can purchase the tickets at the counters outside the monument. Tickets have to be booked at least 24 hours before the visit. Ticket price is Rs. 500 per person for Indian adults.

The monument is accessible from 8:30 pm till 12:30 am on these days. People are allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes. Each batch is restricted to 50 visitors only. If you really wish to witness this epitome of glory, I suggest you book your tickets well in advance. The next full moon is on 22nd December, 2018. Better get going !!