Indians have a tendency to blow their wedding budget out of proportion. Indian weddings are the epitome of opulence and extravagance. However, if you think about it, spending all that money for just a couple of day is not really worth it. Think of all the exciting things you could do if you saved a major chunk of your wedding budget. Maybe you could travel a remote part of the world. Or you could even put that money to good use and help others.

Despite knowing this many Indians still choose to splurge and buy expensive clothes and jewelry for their wedding. Mind you, these are objects of desire that won’t see the light of another day after your wedding. Of late, minimal weddings with shoestring budgets have been making the news for all the right reasons. If you are wondering how you can control your wedding budget, here are a few practical tips.

Tips to Prevent Your Wedding Budget From Blowing Up


Here’s the deal. Your close ones will make it to your wedding irrespective of whether or not you send them a tangible wedding card. These are the people whose presence will make you happiest. There was a time when going door to door was mandatory to announce your wedding dates. However, technology has advanced and so have humans.

You could easily save some moolah by ditching the traditional wedding invitations. Get a digital card made instead. Firstly, it saves you the hassle of visiting everyone in person to invite them. Secondly, it is much more economical and environment-friendly.

Guest List

A major chunk of your wedding budget is dedicated towards feeding a bunch of strangers who are probably meeting you for the first time. Be practical and invite only those people who really matter to you. Don’t bother about the extended family whom you meet once in five years. Your wedding is your special day; surround yourself with only those people who truly care about you.

Rent, Don’t Buy

This suggestion my come across as blasphemous for many Indian brides. After all, the wedding lehenga/saree is a bride’s most prized possession. However, most bridal lehengas are so gawdy that you won’t be able to wear them on any occasion after your wedding. Consider if it is really worth spending so much money on a piece of clothing that you are going to wear for one night. There are many online platforms that let you rent high-quality clothing for such occasions. Give them a try. If you still wish to buy, opt for a lighter lehenga/saree that you can wear on other occasions as well.